It has been a busy year. I say that with a weary shrug as a number of my speculative writing projects have been stymied at various stages. So, I’m posting some artwork here, most of it puppetry or animation. These are things I’ve done in the after hours, when I needed to blow off steam. I beg your forgiveness for their homemade quality, hoping it’ll pass for charm!

Cubist horse:

Cubist descending a staircase.

These animations were done with the Procreate program on an Apple iPad.

In March I was seized with a righteous panic about the terrifying climate crisis. So, I built a street puppet for a youth climate demonstration march across the Brooklyn Bridge. You can see the design below, and the final result, with me grinning like an idiot in the back yard because I didn’t know what was to come. When I carried the 10 foot tree puppet across the Brooklyn Bridge I almost lost it to the fierce wind blowing across the span. After a painful struggle, I backed up and took shelter by one of the towers and dismantled it, then walked it across the rest of the bridge and set it up again for the rest of the march to Foley Square. Lesson learned, a 10′ puppet is too high for crossing the windy East River!


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