JULY 2022

This week (7/17) the New York Times displayed a seven-day map of the United States with hot spots where temperatures were far above “normal” temperatures for the summer. It’s clear that there’s no normal left anywhere in the world. Antarctica is warmer than ever before, fires are raging in France and Spain, record-breaking heat struck Britain, and temperatures across Africa and Asia are killing people at a greater rate than ever before. We were warned that this would happen, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who reads the news at least once a year.

50% of the U.S. Senate refuses to take extreme action. Lindsey Graham argues that before we do anything that might harm the US fossil fuel industry we should pressure China. We’re all sinking in a leaky life raft and he’s complaining that he shouldn’t have to be the first to start bailing.

Here’s a cartoon I made a few weeks ago to illustrate the overwhelming feeling I get reading the news these days.


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