Tuesday, April 20, 2020

IMG_8539A lot of passersby take pictures of the front yard. We have a trifecta: peonies, tulips and lilac bush in bloom at the same time. The bees are ecstatic.

Last Friday our fearless leader suggested people cure themselves of Covid19 by injecting cleaning products. The reactions of outrage and scorn all across the country scared him away from his daily TV appearance for a day or two. The vacation didn’t last long. He was back again last night. I tried to paint a picture of him last weekend.


I’m sure you’ll agree it’s quite hideous. I tried to repair it, but the end result was washed out and cartoonish. Perhaps I had the right idea in the first go round. I’m posting the early one.

The air has never been clearer. The city has never been quieter. We’ll forget all this when things get going again. Now would be a great time for the country to go electric. It won’t happen; the bosses of industry will get their way. But wouldn’t it be great if the air stayed clear and you could hear your footsteps on the pavement, the way they sound in the countryside?






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